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Bienvenidos a Paraguay

Jobs are rarely as glamorous as outsiders think.  Personally, I think this stems from our tendency to talk about the exciting bits rather than the long hours spent doing…well, boring stuff.  And missions work is no exception.  Sure, there are those moments when you are eating things that shouldn’t be categorized as food or flying down the side of a mountain on a motorcycle, but they are generally few and far between.  More often, missions work is like the last day has been – rather slow.  After roughly 24 hours of traveling, I am tired.  That is one of those statements that woefully understates the extent of a situation.  I was reading on the plane about another such statement “[Jesus fasted] for forty days…and at the end of them he was hungry.” (Luke 4:2)  And people say the Bible isn’t funny…

Anyways, I doubt flights with a touch-screen entertainment system and seemingly random meals counts as “suffering for the Lord.”  My dad and I have safely arrived in Paraguay and it sounds like the next 2 days will be very interesting.  The locals who have organized my schedule wont tell me what is in store other than that I am heading 5 hours out-of-town for an overnight trip that involves a river and mosquito repellent wont be optional…More details when I get back 🙂

Posted in Missions and Paraguay by Andrew on April 22nd, 2010 at 01:59.

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