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A Trip into the Paraguay Countryside – Part 2

Me drinking Tereré

Me drinking Tereré

Throughout the trip, our driver and interpreter could not seem to drink enough cold tea (called “Tereré”) and I think it was only because of the oppressive heat that we didn’t need to stop repeatedly for bathroom breaks.  Tereré is extracted from a cup filled with tea leaves using a communal straw-strainer combination which, whether rationally or not, caused me more pause than the unfiltered water used to prepare the mixture.  I was repeatedly assured that the tea has substantial medicinal value, so perhaps that (plus a decent amount of prayer) will keep me from getting sick.

Paraguayan woman washing laundry

Paraguayan woman washing laundry

So far the food here has been very good, despite each meal apparently needing to involve eggs is some way.  Even hamburgers have a fried egg as a topping.  When we arrived in San Pedro, they served a cornbread bun stuffed with ground beef which tasted kind of like a taco with … you guessed it, boiled egg chunks inside.  Corn flour is in many of the local breads and has a coarser texture than wheat flour.  The breads are relatively dry, but I definitely approve of the baked-in cheese.

A lake where a road once stood

Crossing the Red Sea

In the evening, storm clouds rolled in and a tropical storm pounded on the roof all night.  It looked like the rain would never end, but by midmorning the downpour subsided leaving streams where dirt roads used to be.  The Transformando team brought us along as they invited various families to evening Bible meetings before sending us on our way.  The drive home was slow going because of the various obstacles exasperated by the rain, but eventually we arrived back in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.

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