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Running water truly is a marvel of our time.  Even more amazing is hot running water as becomes painfully evident after a few days of cold showers.  Thankfully whatever the issue was (the hotel staff patiently explained the issue to me…in Spanish…), it was fixed today and I just had a most enjoyable shower.  And showers are very important when you have spent a large chunk of the day helping do construction.

Building an outhouse

Building an outhouse

What would you think if you read “Building Out House” on your schedule?  Would you expect to be building-out a house or building an outhouse?  Today apparently it meant both.

Tearing down a wall

Out with the old...

After a visit to a soup-kitchen (more information in a later post), we went to help upgrade a house.  Cobbled together pieces of wood gave way under the stroke of the one hammer, soon to be replaced by brick walls.  I’m not sure exactly what I did, but the rest of the construction team spent much of the time laughing and it seemed to coincide with my hammering creating flying debris.

Making cement in the mud

Making cement in the mud

Questionable engineering, bare wires and other hazards kept the work interesting.  It’s amazing how spending some time with a family who’s plumbing consists of a toilet and a faucet reveals hot water to be the luxury it is everyday.

Tomorrow is my last day in Paraguay and it promises to be a busy one.  Once again, the day starts bright and early and it sounds like I’ll be visiting 3 separate ministries.

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