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Judah at an orphanage

Judah at an Orphanage

Have you ever paused to think…and realized it’s been a while since you paused to think?  Stop for a moment.  What has led to this specific instant?  What decisions have you made?  Are you where you thought you’d be?  Where you want to be?

One of the most dreaded questions for someone returning from a missions trip has got to be “So, what was the biggest thing you learnt?”  Many reasons could be given for this dread, but I think it boils down to that we rarely pause to think, to take stock of where we are, how we got there and where we are going…and this unfamiliar exercise can be overwhelming.  Our task-oriented culture may foster productive lives, but sometimes we forget to cherish the journey rather than just the destination.

“Never his mind on where he was…What he was doing” – Yoda

Soccer in Paraguay

"Stick Futball"

And I think this is the biggest thing I took from my time in Paraguay: They value people.  When someone is talking, they actually listen rather than just nodding while reading a text on their cellphone.  We could stand to value people a little more.

So as I jump into ministry out at Lone Prairie Camp this summer and life begins to spin again, I hope I can remember that the ripples left by a life are relationships not accomplishments.

If you would like further updates about the ministries Power to Change is involved with in Paraguay, be sure to check out my Dad’s blog.

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