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Ontario Visit part 1

Well it has been quite the trip so far! I arrived home on Thursday evening after a very rough flight for a chance to spend some quality time with my family and friends before the wedding! It was nice to have a family night, we watched some “Greys”, caught up on each others lives and prepared for the weekend ahead of us!

Friday was full of surprises! My mom (Joyce) and I had a great chance to spend some time together over brunch at Cora’s (by far one of the best breakfast places available) before heading out to do some shopping together! My dad (George) and I also had a chance to bond over de-decorating the house from it’s Christmas lights!

Paula Petrie sharing her words of wisdom for the "bride-to-be"

Saturday was a busy day but quite the blessing. The ladies at Alderwood United Church (my home church) showered me with gifts, love, and wise words from their many years of experience! No one will soon forget Dorthy McGlashens enthusiastic remarks!                        ” Never go to bed angry…. STAY UP AND FIGHT”! This was not a remark I expected.

Sarah & Avila

It was a joy to see friends and family that I hadn’t had a chance to connect with in person for the past few years. Connections from all stages of my life came out to celebrate!

The food was amazing, these woman went all out. Below is a picture of a cake made by my long time friend Zeljka! Its Amazing!!!! Many ladies have been asking if she has a business! Look her up on facebook at Cakers Cakes! We also had contributions of cookies shaped in dresses, and little tuxedos, amazing desserts, and more food than you can imagine!

An amazing cookies and cream creation by Zelkja!

As the day went on, I continued to be amazed by the many blessings and love that was literally showered over me! After arriving home my family and I settled in for a quiet evening, when to our surprise Amanda Tuck (my God sister) was at the door for a quick visit! Dad instantly pulled out his famous nacho dish and we spent a good 2 hours chatting about our lives and where it was taking us! How time has flown by and things have changed!  After Amanda left my Dad and sister headed off for the evening while my mom and I decided to finish the night off right with a good old fashion chick flick! There are very few evenings that I get to enjoy such movies and this was one of my favorites! If you haven’t had a chance to see “Letters to Juliet” it comes HIGHLY recommended! Though that may have had a lot to do with my company for the evening 😉

Thank you again to everyone who was involved! You all mean so much to me!

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