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Zeljka & Sarah February 2011

Family Day!

What a great day! Whoever decided that an entire day should be devoted towards family bonding was truly inspired!

After a busy weekend the McEacherns all slept in which is quite shocking. Some longer than others {Dad actually made it to 7am!}. As the day progressed we enjoyed a lovely brunch, reflected on the weekend, sorted through photos, Father Daughter dance lessons,  and just spent quality time together! Something that really hard to do with over 2000 miles between us.

Monday also was a great chance to connect with good friends. In the afternoon I had the chance to slip over to see theCoutilos new house! Zeljka (a friend from Elementry School and Highschool) and her husband Cedric moved into their new house just over a year ago and I FINALLY had the opportunity to see it! They have put alot of effort into making it home and it was great seeing it! We spent time catching up on eachothers lives and reflecting on the many memories we have shared! She even made amazing quasants! Oh Zeljka how I miss your cooking!

Allan and Paula Petrie

Later that evening the fellowship continued as the McEacherns , Cheryl Sedore, Brandon and Carrie were all invited over for a feast at the Petries home. My Auntie Paula is one of the most amazing cooks! It was so great to connect with them, celebrate eachothers lives, successes, and encourage each other in our future endevors! We also had quite the production as we filmed and produced a small greating that will be sent across the globe for a good friends birthday!

I find it amazing how distance has changed because of technology! It’s so great having the chance to connect with loved ones around the world! Happy Birthday Tristan! We Miss You!!!!

More updates to come soon!

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