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LPC Ski Trip 2011

What an amazing view first thing in the morning!

Today is another one of those beautiful amazing days when you can’t help but be thankful for all God has created. Andrew and I are just about to finish off our ski trip with some of the senior high kids from Lone Prairie Camp, and it has been an amazing 3 days!

We had headed off Wednesday evening and the kids have spent the past day and a half skiing from the time the lifts open until the last run of the day! Since group leaders are required to be in the lodge for safety purposes, Andrew and I have been getting lots of work done, as we take in Gods creation that is all around us! It is hard to believe that after almost 4 years this is only my second trip to the mountains. But, Boy is it beautiful!  Yesterday we had the privledge of watching the sunset over the mountains as we drove back to Hinton, it was breathtaking.

This trip has been amazing, a great opportunity to connect with some really amazing kids. I almost don’t want it to end!

Wishing you all were here!!



Posted in Lone Prairie Camp by Sarah on April 1st, 2011 at 11:29.

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