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I can honestly say I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have married the most amazing man in the world, and he is full of surprises. Not being a girl who typically enjoys surprises this was rather concerning, but I am appreciating them more and more! As many of you know Andrew was very intent on surprising me with where we were going on our Honeymoon. Here is a small glimpse into what he had planed!

Sunday May 22nd- Wednesday May 25th



The Toronto Skyline!

Toronto Sky Line

After a leisurely breakfast the morning after the wedding Andrew and I took a drive around Edmonton with the top down in the convertible Andrew had surprised me with at the wedding. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect! It’s never to early to start on ones tan! We headed to the airport shortly afterwords to embark on the first leg of our Great Adventure.

Andrew and I spent the first few days of our Honeymoon exploring the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). A chance for us to explore my roots! We enjoyed lots of walking, talking, and ate at some great restaurants. One highlight was our romantic dinner at Swiss Chalet (Thankyou to the Peters Family for their Amazing Gift Card!!)  followed by watching ‘Pirates 4’ at the  5 Drive in located in Oakville Mississauga.

Pearson International Airport!

Thursday May 26th

We headed out to the airport for 6 AM! As the rain pored down we were excited to head off on the next leg of our adventure. At this point Andrew still had yet to tell me where we were going. I had packed for warm weather (he had given me that much) and with passport in one hand and his hand in the other we headed on our way! It wasn’t until we checked our bags that I found out we were headed on a romantic getaway to the Mayan Riviera. After landing in Mexico we headed to our Hotel. It was amazing. Upon our arrival we were greeted with fresh juice as we checked in. The lobby itself was breath taking, and the grounds continued to amaze us for the entire week.  Be sure to check out our Honeymoon photos in our Gallery!

Occidental Grand Xcaret Lobby

Throughout our week in Mexico we enjoyed a lot of lounging at the pool, and eating some of the most amazing dishes ever created. It was unbelievable. There were actually more restaurants than we were able to eat at throughout our stay there.


More to come on our great adventure so stay tuned!!!


– Sarah Dreger

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