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Paradise – part 2

the river flowing through our resort

Friday May 27th

Being our first official day in Mexico, we decided to take it easy and enjoy the resort. In the morning we had orientation with our liaison, booked a tour, and arranged our upcoming days. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, went in search of the monkeys on the property, and made a point of swimming in as many pools as we could that day. We made it to 4 before turning in for the evening to get some sleep in preparation of our next great adventure… Chichen Itza!!

Sarah infront of Chichen Itza

May 28th – Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza was our first of many excursions while in Mexico! This particular day was a day I won’t soon forget! Though maybe for reasons other than what you would expect.

Ruben our tour guide did a great job of leading us throughout the day. We started out our day at a store run by some local Mayan people. This store specialized in jewelery, dresses, and plates that represented that of the Mayan culture.They also were known for their coffee (though I didnt take them up on their offer).

Andrew and the Observatory

Next stop was Chichen Itza one of the new wonders of the world! Though Andrew had been there before this was my first time and it was beautiful. The detail was amazing and I must say it was an experience I wont soon forget. We had 2 hours at the site and though the first hour was spent traveling around with our guide, we made the most of the second half where we explored even more of the site! Andrew even managed to get us to the observatory which was afew km away from the main site. It was beautiful and I really enjoyed it (just don’t tell Andrew!!).

Following Chichen Itza we went with the group for an amazing lunch at a local restaurant. While there we enjoyed some of the best tacos I have ever tasted, and the enchiladas were superb! While at the restaurant we were introduced to a new drink called Hamika (sadly I don’t know how to spell it and Google didn’t help) made from a local flower!  We also had a chance to enjoy a show performed by a few 12-14 year olds who danced, sang, played with fire, twirled plates on their head, and balanced water jugs!

The Cenote Maya

Then it was off to my favorite part of our adventure! We went swimming in the Cenote Maya. An underground river that takes place in a cave! It was amazing!!! The water was refreshing, the colours amazing, and I enjoyed every part of it, even the fish swimming around my feet (though there may have been a scream or two).

Before heading back to the resort we had 1 more stop at a city called Valladolid. This small city had been restored to represent the spanish luster it once held. As we spent about an hour touring the neighborhood we enjoyed some local music, amazing architecture, and had a chance to enjoy some traditional mayan art. It was amazing!

By the time we got back to the Resort we had just enough time to enjoy a italian inspired meal at the Buffet and enjoy a midnight swim!

Sunday May 29th

After such a great adventure on Saturday, Andrew and I decided that it was time to enjoy a day at the resort! We stayed close to home and relaxed on the beach! Enjoyed the amazing food at the ocean side restaurant and swam! That evening we went to the first of 4 ala cart restaurants. This particular evening we enjoyed the Meditteranian dining! It was amazing!

Be sure to stay tuned for more on our great adventure!


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