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Paradise – part 3

The boat ride to Xcaret!

Monday May 30th -  Xcaret Mexico

Xcaret is a majestic park by the sea that features unique activities, where you have fun while discovering the natural  and cultural richness of Mexico. This park was located just down the river from our hotel within walking distance! For the day we spent our time wondering around the many natural exhibits like the monkey island, the cougar island, a

look at the detail!!! Eber would just LOVE this!

romantic boat ride, a trip down another under ground river, a trip through the mayan village, a butterfly pavilion, a spanish villiage, green houses with some of the mostbeautiful orchids, flamingoes, and an exhibit dedicated to the education and preservation of sea turtles (SOOO COOL). In the late evening we enjoyed a romantic dinner back at the resort at one of the ala cart restaurants, this particular one was the grill ( Andrew and i couldnt help but think about how much Eber would have enjoyed it) before heading back to Xcaret for the evening performance. This event is a nightly show that includes over 300 different people showing the history and culture of Mexico! We even watched as they played a game similar to basketball and football where you use only your hips, and the fire hockey game! It was amazing!!!

Tuesday May 31st – Coba


Coba was a whole new kind of adventure. Though we had set out to tour ancient ruins like we had during our trip to Chichen Itza this expedition was different. Jorge our guide picked us up bright and early and we spent the morning being educated about Mayan ruins and traditions. There are a few unique things about Coba. this particular site has a very rustic feel (think Indiana Jones). Though the main pyramid is intact many other ruins are being discovered and reconstructed to this day. There were vines, weeds, and

At the top We Made It!!!

rubel throughout the ruins. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The other detail about Coba that makes it extremely special is that it is currently the last pyramid that you are able to climb. Now I know what some of you are thinking… Sarah climb… how tall was this thing? well there were 110 stairs ranging in size and shape and it was VERY VERY high. Andrew was very excited to take me climbing and it must be love because i joined him. There were many water breaks and a minor panic attack on the way up but the view was amazing. On the way down… we took our time, and I had the chance to get to know a french guide who spends her days helping people down the pyramid!!! Best advice I have ever heard “always make sure you can see your feet”!

Following our climb we wandered the rest of the ruins and did a little shopping at a Mayan shop before heading back to the resort! The rest of our day was spent enjoying the beauty of the ocean, the beautiful sun, and a showing from some local artisans!


Wednesday June 1st

For our final day in Mexico we enjoyed a relaxing morning at the resort followed by a romantic dinner and an evening out on the town. We took a taxi into the local city Playa Del Carmen and spent a few hours walking around the beaches and shops. Enjoying the sunset, and getting to know some locals. I must say the concept of getting a Starbucks while in Mexico was actually rather unsettling, with so much richness and culture why would one go for the ordinary? While shopping we found one lady who had some of the most unique and traditional pieces of art we had had a chance to see throughout our trip. Though I attempted to ha gal I learned that this wasnt my forte!


Watching the sunrise

Thursday June 2nd

Andrew and I woke up early on our final morning. We were slotted to leave at 10 so we woke to watch the sunrise on the ocean, took a leisurly walk, enjoyed our last mexican meal (chocolate filled crossants SOO GOOD) before heading to the van. It was an amazing morning! Our flight was restful, and we landed in Toronto just in time to have a quality evening with the McEacherns!



Stay tuned for more details


– Sarah

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