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Paradise – part 4

Friday May 27th

The McEacherns & The Dregers


Being our first day back in Canada we very much enjoyed our time with my parents. We greatly enjoyed chatting and filling my family in on the details of our latest adventure. My dad had the day off so we spent time together talking, connecting, and enjoying each others company as we prepared for the Ontario reception that would be happening the next day!

Later that evening, after an amazing dinner, Andrew and I headed to the airport to pick up Rolf and Marianne for their first trip to Toronto! Upon returning home, the two families had a chance to sit and enjoy each others company before launching into all the excitement the next day would hold!


Cake made by Zeljka from Cakers Cakes in Ontario

Saturday May 28th– Ontario Reception

The day started bright and early as we prepared for the arrival of many wonderful ladies who were lending their hands in the kitchen. In true McEachern style we started the day with pancakes, bacon, and one of the most amazing brunches!

Around 9 the ladies arrived and Andrew  and I set out on an adventure to show Rolf and Marianne around the city. We returned around noon to a house full of busy woman dashing from one room to the next, while the men finished setting up white tents and cleaning off the back deck. Guests arrived at 1 and the house quickly filled with friends and family who were unable to join us for the big day. After some time away it was so great to see so many friendly faces. The party lasted until 9, and we all settled in for a relaxing evening  together as a family!

Sunday May 29th

Alderwood United Church


Being our last day in Toronto we headed to my home church Alderwood United Church to spend some time with my church family! It is never a complete trip home without a visit to Alderwood. The bright faces, welcoming arms, and close family ties. It is like traveling to a the 1940’s while being in Toronto during the 21st century.

Following some time of fellowship with our church family we headed home to pack, and have a final family meal before Andrew and I boarded our final plane heading back for Alberta.

We were greeted at the airport by Mattias, with a big smile and wide open arms! It was so great to see him again! After gathering a few things from the Dregers we headed straight out to camp to start on our next great adventure!


Be sure to stay tuned for future updates and photos from our ontario reception!!!


– Sarah

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