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Hey Everyone,

As many of you know Andrew and I are currently serving out at Lone Prairie Camp. We are all ready into week three and it amazes me how quickly the summer is going!

Our first official week of camp was staff training. Throughout this time all staff who were to serve throughout this summer come together for a week of training, planning, and community development! Through out this time the staff experienced dynamic teaching by Mr Hammer and former theological professor from Taylor Seminary, first aid training, round table discussions that involved past cabin leaders, and many other sessions!

Week two was geared towards Intermediates. Each chapel session was lead by Heather Kropp the current youth director at Castledowns Baptist Church. Though the weather was…. Wet the children barely noticed and ended the week with dry clothes and big smiles on their faces! For this week I spent most of my time in the kitchen serving along side Cynthia our head cook!

Week 3 has just started. The weather has been beautiful. The sun has been shining and the youth are having a great time! Last night I had the opportunity to attend my first camp fire! It was amazing hearing the youth sing praises as the sun was setting. There is just something extremely beautiful about that sound.

Well on that note I should be getting back out there. Updates on the garden soon!


Posted in Lone Prairie Camp by Sarah on July 18th, 2011 at 19:24.

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