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October Adventures

As usual life find us very busy as we head from event to event serving and connecting with those around us! This week we had many enjoyable adventures but there were afew of note!
On Saturday while I was at work Andrew helped the family move Oma and Opa Hattenhauer into their new condo while also celebrating selling their house! Lots to do, and lots to celebrate! It was a great day!

Later that evening Andrews took his youth boys who graduated from grade 9 this past school year to the Eskimo’s game. A body painting desaster was tacktfully avoided, and the boys were excited to celebrate when the Eskimos won!!!

Since the weekend Andrew has been tackling a whole new set of  adventures as he tackled our leaking sink. After 2 trips to home hardware, and some very exciting water bursts! We are happy to say that we have a working sink!!!!
Right now the cookies are baking before we head off to Bible study with the youth

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