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The Bergsmas

This past week we had the pleasure of celebrating a true milestone. Syd and Leanne Bergsma Celebrated 21 years of ministry at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church. It was inspiring to hear the stories and watch as past youth were reunited with their leader. People from all over the world sent messages about their current ministries and how this amazing couple played such a role in shaping their relationship with God. Andrew and I can’t help but be amazed by how the couple serves together. Throughout the night stories were shared about their different talents and how with those distinct differences they come together and serve God as an amazing team. This evening helped both Andrew and I as we reflect on our own lives, focus on our own skills and attempt to discern how we may best compliment each other. Congratulations again Syd and Leanne! You two are truely Amazing!!!

As the week continues, Andrew and I have a lot to look forward to. Again we are just about to head off to Bible study where there are about 18 consistent youth joining us to discuss the Bible, their questions and the book  “The stranger on the road to Emmaus”. Please keep us in our prayers as we launch into discussing the trinity, attonement, and the story of Cain and Able this evening!

Tomorrow Night is going to be something special! After a day of getting lots done we get to see some very special friends of mine, Danny and Michelle MacGibbon! We haven’t had the opportunity to see them since the wedding and though the time will be short, during their layover in Edmonton, it is going to be AMAZING!!!

Counting down the hours till we get to see them!!!Then we hit the weekend. Ignite weekend. One all youth love as it is filled with passion, challenges, and new experiences as they explore their faith! This year Starfield will be joining the team as the worship band! Can’t Wait!!!!


  We will be sure to fill you in on the details next week!!!

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