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“Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat…”

That’s right we all no how it goes. As the Christmas season appraches things just keep getting busier and busier. Sorry we haven’t had a chance to check in and update you all on life at the Dregers. It has been Crazy, but I will update you quickly on the last little bit and fill you in with more soon!

Danny and Michelle came to visit and it was great to have the opportunity to see them! We are Excited to celebrate their new house with them in April!

Ignite was a success. Starfield performed and we learned what it means to be scared for life. I had the privilege of watching Rod from Castledowns get baptized! It was so great to have the chance to celebrate this amazing declaration with him!

Over the last month or so Andrew, Lukas and I have been enjoying one of the wedding gifts we recieved. Danny and Michelle gave us Battle Star Gallactica the board game. I can honestly say it has to be one of my favorite board games of all time! Lots of fun, and many memories!!! And we are just starting to learn!

As Christmas is approaching we are enjoying the opportunity to spend time baking. Mrs Dreger and I have been practicing many different recipes including some classic german traditional recipies! I also had the chance to learn how to make Gniocci from scratch! Andrew is really enjoying it!

Be sure to visit to check out some of our latest projects!


We love you all and look forward to updating you soon!







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