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Wow, Can you believe it has been so long since our last post. If feels like just days. Sorry about the wait we will try to make more frequent updates.

For those of you who haven’t heard the big news. Andrew was hired on as the General Manager at Lone Prairie Camp January 1’st 2012! I was hired on along side him to do networking and office administration! It has been a true blessing and we are really excited with where God has us.

over the past few months we have been busy travelling around Alberta advertising and connecting with shareholder churches. We are really excited for the summer which is quickly approaching.

We have gone on 2 great adventures since Christmas. We headed to Winnipeg MB to celebrate Sarah Joy’s wedding! She was stunning. While we were there we were able to connect with Danny, Michelle, Stephen, Mark and Matt! A Prov Reunion! It was so great to see such great friends!

This past week Andrew and I headed to Tacoma WA to purchase the new boat for Lone Prairie Camp. We had a great opportunity to connect with Andrews Oma and Opa! It was an amazing trip but we are so happy to be home!



I promise to check in soon! Have a great day! We love you lots!


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