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Summer 2012

Wow, It is hard to believe that summer has come and gone. God has done some truly amazing things this year at Lone Prairie Camp and it has been such a blessing to be a part of them! It was an honor to be part of such an amazing staff this summer as they took time to feed into the lives of those who attended. It was so exciting to learn that there were 15 campers who came to know Christ this summer and even 1 Baptism! Isnt God just so good!at LPC!

This summer we had some very special guests! First Oma and Opa joined us as our first official house guests since moving to camp! It was so great to have them join us for afew days as they were able to experience camp and learn about what it is we do every day. While they were in town they brought Josh Dreger. Andrews cousin, who was able to join us for 2 weeks of camp this year! It was so great having family around!

Throughout the August Long Weekend we were not only blessed to host the many families that attended Family Camp 2012 but it was a true blessing to have had George and Joyce McEachern (My parents) join us for their first experience at LPC! It means so much to have their support as we serve here at Lone Prairie!

The summer finished with a rise in campers, an increase in faith decisions and a hope that seems to be quite unshakable! It is so nice to see our community so excited about what God is doing out at Lone Prairie Camp!

This fall Andrew will be continuing his studies while volunteering as the Senior High Youth Leader at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church! It is so great to be home!


Posted September 19th, 2012.

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The Change of Seasons

Our Home

Most people know Camp as this amazingly beautiful place during the summer.They occasionally have experienced itduring winter but rarely have the opportunity to see Gods hand at work throughout the Fall. It is amazing to watch as the leaves change from green to gold, deep reds, and brilliant oranges. It is evident that change is most definitely in the air!

Two weeks ago Andrew and I had the opportunity to take our first official class together. While I was still auditing the class we enjoyed the chance to learn and grow together. The class we took was a modular session that had been put together by Acts Seminary and was presented by The Journey, our local chapter. We were challenged in many topics revolvingaround counseling. From marriage counseling to the difficulties of counseling children we learned a great deal and were challenged every step of the way. Andrew and I are now certified to run pre marital classes through prepare and enrich! Last Monday was my last working at Block Buster. As many of you know the stores across Canada have closed as of October 1st. Since then I have started working at the local video store. It is a family owned business with an amazing history and Christian heritage! It is a pleasure to be working with them!

This past weekend Andrew and I had another amazing opportunity to learn. As representatives of Lone Prairie Camp we were blessed with the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit Canada held at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church here in Edmonton. We had the opportunity to hear from the for most leaders of the world. We learned about building strong leadership teams, challenging peoples beliefs, working hard, and serving allwho are around us!  It was an amazing conference!


Finally this fall Andrew and I have joined the ranks of the Sr High youth ministry at Ellerslie Road Baptist church as youth sponsors and Wednesday night bible study leaders. We are going through A stranger on the road to Emmaus by John R. Cross. It is our desire to walk through the book and challenge the perceptions of the teens as they think through the rich and challenging history of Christianity From Genesis to Revelations!




Posted October 3rd, 2011.

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