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Summer 2012

Wow, It is hard to believe that summer has come and gone. God has done some truly amazing things this year at Lone Prairie Camp and it has been such a blessing to be a part of them! It was an honor to be part of such an amazing staff this summer as they took time to feed into the lives of those who attended. It was so exciting to learn that there were 15 campers who came to know Christ this summer and even 1 Baptism! Isnt God just so good!at LPC!

This summer we had some very special guests! First Oma and Opa joined us as our first official house guests since moving to camp! It was so great to have them join us for afew days as they were able to experience camp and learn about what it is we do every day. While they were in town they brought Josh Dreger. Andrews cousin, who was able to join us for 2 weeks of camp this year! It was so great having family around!

Throughout the August Long Weekend we were not only blessed to host the many families that attended Family Camp 2012 but it was a true blessing to have had George and Joyce McEachern (My parents) join us for their first experience at LPC! It means so much to have their support as we serve here at Lone Prairie!

The summer finished with a rise in campers, an increase in faith decisions and a hope that seems to be quite unshakable! It is so nice to see our community so excited about what God is doing out at Lone Prairie Camp!

This fall Andrew will be continuing his studies while volunteering as the Senior High Youth Leader at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church! It is so great to be home!


Posted September 19th, 2012.

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The Taste Of Fall

ESO 2011

September is here and with it has come many great and wonderful things. To start of the beginning of the school year Andrew and I  went to take in Symphony Under the Sky! It was so great to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra perform in Hawrelak Park! We took in the Friday night performance featuring arrangements by such musicians as Mozart, Handel &  Brahms! The weather was beautiful and the music was fantastic!

Seeing as we are now living in Ferintosh we are very excited about touring the town and getting use to the local area.

Dinner @ The Lucky Dragon

Right now we are challenging ourselves by attempting to try out the many different restaurants. Camrose is filled with many different restaurants with a wide variety of different styles!  The first stop on our tour was at the Lucky Dragon! The Lucky Dragon is a wonderful buffet style Chinese restaurant with a wide variety of flavors. One of our favorite dishes included the ginger chicken! We can’t wait to see what is next on our restaurant tour. Perhaps a stop at  the dough boy??? I mean who wouldnt enjoy pizza from a restaurant called The Dough Boy!

Symphony Under The Sky Fall 2011

Last weekend Andrew and I celebrated my 26th birthday and boy was it a weekend to remember! The weekend started out with an amazing kick off to the Sr High youth group at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church. Andrew and I are happy to be sponsoring! A big thanks to Zackary Aubert for all of his great planning! Minute to win it was such a success!!!

On Saturday, Andrew and I went out on a date and enjoyed dinner at East side Marios! It was amazing. The food was great! We absolutely loved our dishes. I had the butternut squash ravioli while Andrew enjoyed a colourful display of four cheese ravioli!  Following our amazing and romantic dinner we went to our local theater, The Duggan Theater, to see Contagion. The movie was great, a little unconventional but very well done!

Sunday was another day full of many great and wonderful things! Maximus enjoyed his first car ride! We took the camp truck with Maximus in the bed of it to Edmonton so that all the staff could be together! The staff loved getting to see him and boy did he love all the attention. It was so great to celebrate the end of the summer and beginning of the school year with such amazing kids! Camp just isnt the same without them.

Following staff appreciation we headed over to The Dregers for another birthday celebration. It was so great to spend time with the family, the food was amazing, and we enjoyed lively discussions over a warm and very enjoyable campfire!

We look forward to seeing what the rest of the fall holds!

– Sarah



Posted September 21st, 2011.

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Summer Wrap Up and Settling In

LPC Staff 2011

Well the summer season at Lone Prairie Camp has come to a close. It was filled with many great memories and we were honored to be a part of it. The staff this summer was amazing! We are sad to see them go but can’t wait to see them again soon!

Emma & Anna doing an amazing job painting murals!

The summer wrapped up with the traditional summer clean up. A big thanks to all who were involved. We are looking forward to showing off the new additions to the Darren (craft shop). The evening ended with a wonderful wrap up celebration at Boston Pizza! It was great to share a few more laughs before we all went our separate ways.

Maximus @ 10 weeks

Andrew and I spent the last week preparing for the next group who have headed out to camp. The Hunters will be with us until the end of October. This will be the first fall Andrew and I will be spending out at camp. We are looking forward to seeing the leaves change and adjusting to life in our own little corner of the world!

Be sure to check out the album of Maximus! He is growing like a weed!

– Sarah

Posted September 5th, 2011.

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A New Beginning

As many of you know, Lone Prairie Camp has meant a lot to both Andrew and me. This is Andrew’s 10th year out at camp and it has been another amazing adventure. During family camp on the August Long Weekend, Andrew sat down with the board of Lone Prairie Camp and had a job interview for the General Manager Position. We are pleased to announce that he was offered and has accepted the full time position as the General Manager (or camp director depending on your terms) of Lone Prairie Camp!

Andrew will be working along side Jeff Buck (the current GM) till December 31st. As of January, Andrew and I will be working side by side as we head into another camp season!

Andrew and I have moved into the house out at camp (so if you need to mail us something the camp address would be great!!!) and are slowly getting settled in. We are looking forward to making it our very own home!

Maximus @ 6 weeks old

We are also pleased to announce an addition to the family! Andrew and I have a puppy named Maximus! He is 7 weeks old and brings pure joy to those around him! A great addition to the camp staff!!!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us through this transitional time and we look forward to many more updates that are coming soon!!!

Posted August 13th, 2011.

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Life At Camp

Hey Everyone,

As many of you know Andrew and I are currently serving out at Lone Prairie Camp. We are all ready into week three and it amazes me how quickly the summer is going!

Our first official week of camp was staff training. Throughout this time all staff who were to serve throughout this summer come together for a week of training, planning, and community development! Through out this time the staff experienced dynamic teaching by Mr Hammer and former theological professor from Taylor Seminary, first aid training, round table discussions that involved past cabin leaders, and many other sessions!

Week two was geared towards Intermediates. Each chapel session was lead by Heather Kropp the current youth director at Castledowns Baptist Church. Though the weather was…. Wet the children barely noticed and ended the week with dry clothes and big smiles on their faces! For this week I spent most of my time in the kitchen serving along side Cynthia our head cook!

Week 3 has just started. The weather has been beautiful. The sun has been shining and the youth are having a great time! Last night I had the opportunity to attend my first camp fire! It was amazing hearing the youth sing praises as the sun was setting. There is just something extremely beautiful about that sound.

Well on that note I should be getting back out there. Updates on the garden soon!


Posted July 18th, 2011.

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LPC Ski Trip 2011

What an amazing view first thing in the morning!

Today is another one of those beautiful amazing days when you can’t help but be thankful for all God has created. Andrew and I are just about to finish off our ski trip with some of the senior high kids from Lone Prairie Camp, and it has been an amazing 3 days!

We had headed off Wednesday evening and the kids have spent the past day and a half skiing from the time the lifts open until the last run of the day! Since group leaders are required to be in the lodge for safety purposes, Andrew and I have been getting lots of work done, as we take in Gods creation that is all around us! It is hard to believe that after almost 4 years this is only my second trip to the mountains. But, Boy is it beautiful!  Yesterday we had the privledge of watching the sunset over the mountains as we drove back to Hinton, it was breathtaking.

This trip has been amazing, a great opportunity to connect with some really amazing kids. I almost don’t want it to end!

Wishing you all were here!!



Posted April 1st, 2011.

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