The Dregers

Moving Forward Together

A New Beginning

As many of you know, Lone Prairie Camp has meant a lot to both Andrew and me. This is Andrew’s 10th year out at camp and it has been another amazing adventure. During family camp on the August Long Weekend, Andrew sat down with the board of Lone Prairie Camp and had a job interview for the General Manager Position. We are pleased to announce that he was offered and has accepted the full time position as the General Manager (or camp director depending on your terms) of Lone Prairie Camp!

Andrew will be working along side Jeff Buck (the current GM) till December 31st. As of January, Andrew and I will be working side by side as we head into another camp season!

Andrew and I have moved into the house out at camp (so if you need to mail us something the camp address would be great!!!) and are slowly getting settled in. We are looking forward to making it our very own home!

Maximus @ 6 weeks old

We are also pleased to announce an addition to the family! Andrew and I have a puppy named Maximus! He is 7 weeks old and brings pure joy to those around him! A great addition to the camp staff!!!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us through this transitional time and we look forward to many more updates that are coming soon!!!

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Life At Camp

Hey Everyone,

As many of you know Andrew and I are currently serving out at Lone Prairie Camp. We are all ready into week three and it amazes me how quickly the summer is going!

Our first official week of camp was staff training. Throughout this time all staff who were to serve throughout this summer come together for a week of training, planning, and community development! Through out this time the staff experienced dynamic teaching by Mr Hammer and former theological professor from Taylor Seminary, first aid training, round table discussions that involved past cabin leaders, and many other sessions!

Week two was geared towards Intermediates. Each chapel session was lead by Heather Kropp the current youth director at Castledowns Baptist Church. Though the weather was…. Wet the children barely noticed and ended the week with dry clothes and big smiles on their faces! For this week I spent most of my time in the kitchen serving along side Cynthia our head cook!

Week 3 has just started. The weather has been beautiful. The sun has been shining and the youth are having a great time! Last night I had the opportunity to attend my first camp fire! It was amazing hearing the youth sing praises as the sun was setting. There is just something extremely beautiful about that sound.

Well on that note I should be getting back out there. Updates on the garden soon!


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Paradise – part 4

Friday May 27th

The McEacherns & The Dregers


Being our first day back in Canada we very much enjoyed our time with my parents. We greatly enjoyed chatting and filling my family in on the details of our latest adventure. My dad had the day off so we spent time together talking, connecting, and enjoying each others company as we prepared for the Ontario reception that would be happening the next day!

Later that evening, after an amazing dinner, Andrew and I headed to the airport to pick up Rolf and Marianne for their first trip to Toronto! Upon returning home, the two families had a chance to sit and enjoy each others company before launching into all the excitement the next day would hold!


Cake made by Zeljka from Cakers Cakes in Ontario

Saturday May 28th– Ontario Reception

The day started bright and early as we prepared for the arrival of many wonderful ladies who were lending their hands in the kitchen. In true McEachern style we started the day with pancakes, bacon, and one of the most amazing brunches!

Around 9 the ladies arrived and Andrew  and I set out on an adventure to show Rolf and Marianne around the city. We returned around noon to a house full of busy woman dashing from one room to the next, while the men finished setting up white tents and cleaning off the back deck. Guests arrived at 1 and the house quickly filled with friends and family who were unable to join us for the big day. After some time away it was so great to see so many friendly faces. The party lasted until 9, and we all settled in for a relaxing evening  together as a family!

Sunday May 29th

Alderwood United Church


Being our last day in Toronto we headed to my home church Alderwood United Church to spend some time with my church family! It is never a complete trip home without a visit to Alderwood. The bright faces, welcoming arms, and close family ties. It is like traveling to a the 1940’s while being in Toronto during the 21st century.

Following some time of fellowship with our church family we headed home to pack, and have a final family meal before Andrew and I boarded our final plane heading back for Alberta.

We were greeted at the airport by Mattias, with a big smile and wide open arms! It was so great to see him again! After gathering a few things from the Dregers we headed straight out to camp to start on our next great adventure!


Be sure to stay tuned for future updates and photos from our ontario reception!!!


– Sarah

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Paradise – part 3

The boat ride to Xcaret!

Monday May 30th -  Xcaret Mexico

Xcaret is a majestic park by the sea that features unique activities, where you have fun while discovering the natural  and cultural richness of Mexico. This park was located just down the river from our hotel within walking distance! For the day we spent our time wondering around the many natural exhibits like the monkey island, the cougar island, a

look at the detail!!! Eber would just LOVE this!

romantic boat ride, a trip down another under ground river, a trip through the mayan village, a butterfly pavilion, a spanish villiage, green houses with some of the mostbeautiful orchids, flamingoes, and an exhibit dedicated to the education and preservation of sea turtles (SOOO COOL). In the late evening we enjoyed a romantic dinner back at the resort at one of the ala cart restaurants, this particular one was the grill ( Andrew and i couldnt help but think about how much Eber would have enjoyed it) before heading back to Xcaret for the evening performance. This event is a nightly show that includes over 300 different people showing the history and culture of Mexico! We even watched as they played a game similar to basketball and football where you use only your hips, and the fire hockey game! It was amazing!!!

Tuesday May 31st – Coba


Coba was a whole new kind of adventure. Though we had set out to tour ancient ruins like we had during our trip to Chichen Itza this expedition was different. Jorge our guide picked us up bright and early and we spent the morning being educated about Mayan ruins and traditions. There are a few unique things about Coba. this particular site has a very rustic feel (think Indiana Jones). Though the main pyramid is intact many other ruins are being discovered and reconstructed to this day. There were vines, weeds, and

At the top We Made It!!!

rubel throughout the ruins. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The other detail about Coba that makes it extremely special is that it is currently the last pyramid that you are able to climb. Now I know what some of you are thinking… Sarah climb… how tall was this thing? well there were 110 stairs ranging in size and shape and it was VERY VERY high. Andrew was very excited to take me climbing and it must be love because i joined him. There were many water breaks and a minor panic attack on the way up but the view was amazing. On the way down… we took our time, and I had the chance to get to know a french guide who spends her days helping people down the pyramid!!! Best advice I have ever heard “always make sure you can see your feet”!

Following our climb we wandered the rest of the ruins and did a little shopping at a Mayan shop before heading back to the resort! The rest of our day was spent enjoying the beauty of the ocean, the beautiful sun, and a showing from some local artisans!


Wednesday June 1st

For our final day in Mexico we enjoyed a relaxing morning at the resort followed by a romantic dinner and an evening out on the town. We took a taxi into the local city Playa Del Carmen and spent a few hours walking around the beaches and shops. Enjoying the sunset, and getting to know some locals. I must say the concept of getting a Starbucks while in Mexico was actually rather unsettling, with so much richness and culture why would one go for the ordinary? While shopping we found one lady who had some of the most unique and traditional pieces of art we had had a chance to see throughout our trip. Though I attempted to ha gal I learned that this wasnt my forte!


Watching the sunrise

Thursday June 2nd

Andrew and I woke up early on our final morning. We were slotted to leave at 10 so we woke to watch the sunrise on the ocean, took a leisurly walk, enjoyed our last mexican meal (chocolate filled crossants SOO GOOD) before heading to the van. It was an amazing morning! Our flight was restful, and we landed in Toronto just in time to have a quality evening with the McEacherns!



Stay tuned for more details


– Sarah

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Paradise – part 2

the river flowing through our resort

Friday May 27th

Being our first official day in Mexico, we decided to take it easy and enjoy the resort. In the morning we had orientation with our liaison, booked a tour, and arranged our upcoming days. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, went in search of the monkeys on the property, and made a point of swimming in as many pools as we could that day. We made it to 4 before turning in for the evening to get some sleep in preparation of our next great adventure… Chichen Itza!!

Sarah infront of Chichen Itza

May 28th – Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza was our first of many excursions while in Mexico! This particular day was a day I won’t soon forget! Though maybe for reasons other than what you would expect.

Ruben our tour guide did a great job of leading us throughout the day. We started out our day at a store run by some local Mayan people. This store specialized in jewelery, dresses, and plates that represented that of the Mayan culture.They also were known for their coffee (though I didnt take them up on their offer).

Andrew and the Observatory

Next stop was Chichen Itza one of the new wonders of the world! Though Andrew had been there before this was my first time and it was beautiful. The detail was amazing and I must say it was an experience I wont soon forget. We had 2 hours at the site and though the first hour was spent traveling around with our guide, we made the most of the second half where we explored even more of the site! Andrew even managed to get us to the observatory which was afew km away from the main site. It was beautiful and I really enjoyed it (just don’t tell Andrew!!).

Following Chichen Itza we went with the group for an amazing lunch at a local restaurant. While there we enjoyed some of the best tacos I have ever tasted, and the enchiladas were superb! While at the restaurant we were introduced to a new drink called Hamika (sadly I don’t know how to spell it and Google didn’t help) made from a local flower!  We also had a chance to enjoy a show performed by a few 12-14 year olds who danced, sang, played with fire, twirled plates on their head, and balanced water jugs!

The Cenote Maya

Then it was off to my favorite part of our adventure! We went swimming in the Cenote Maya. An underground river that takes place in a cave! It was amazing!!! The water was refreshing, the colours amazing, and I enjoyed every part of it, even the fish swimming around my feet (though there may have been a scream or two).

Before heading back to the resort we had 1 more stop at a city called Valladolid. This small city had been restored to represent the spanish luster it once held. As we spent about an hour touring the neighborhood we enjoyed some local music, amazing architecture, and had a chance to enjoy some traditional mayan art. It was amazing!

By the time we got back to the Resort we had just enough time to enjoy a italian inspired meal at the Buffet and enjoy a midnight swim!

Sunday May 29th

After such a great adventure on Saturday, Andrew and I decided that it was time to enjoy a day at the resort! We stayed close to home and relaxed on the beach! Enjoyed the amazing food at the ocean side restaurant and swam! That evening we went to the first of 4 ala cart restaurants. This particular evening we enjoyed the Meditteranian dining! It was amazing!

Be sure to stay tuned for more on our great adventure!


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Vegetable Garden – Day 1


Digging In The Garden

Hey Everyone,

Andrew and I are currently living out at Lone Prairie Camp, and we have the most amazing property, friends and opportunities! While here we decided that it would be fun to try our hand at farming… on a much smaller scale.. but still! Though it is late in the

season (the wedding, the honeymoon, and lots of rain caused quite the delay) we have started preparing our garden for vegetables!

We planted garlic, snow peas, carrots, green peppers, lettuce, and broccoli! Though we are sure many wont make it. We will keep you posted on our gardening adventures. If nothing else its a great chance to spend some time together!!!

Hope you all are having a great day


– Sarah

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A Trip Around The City

I can honestly say I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have married the most amazing man in the world, and he is full of surprises. Not being a girl who typically enjoys surprises this was rather concerning, but I am appreciating them more and more! As many of you know Andrew was very intent on surprising me with where we were going on our Honeymoon. Here is a small glimpse into what he had planed!

Sunday May 22nd- Wednesday May 25th



The Toronto Skyline!

Toronto Sky Line

After a leisurely breakfast the morning after the wedding Andrew and I took a drive around Edmonton with the top down in the convertible Andrew had surprised me with at the wedding. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect! It’s never to early to start on ones tan! We headed to the airport shortly afterwords to embark on the first leg of our Great Adventure.

Andrew and I spent the first few days of our Honeymoon exploring the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). A chance for us to explore my roots! We enjoyed lots of walking, talking, and ate at some great restaurants. One highlight was our romantic dinner at Swiss Chalet (Thankyou to the Peters Family for their Amazing Gift Card!!)  followed by watching ‘Pirates 4’ at the  5 Drive in located in Oakville Mississauga.

Pearson International Airport!

Thursday May 26th

We headed out to the airport for 6 AM! As the rain pored down we were excited to head off on the next leg of our adventure. At this point Andrew still had yet to tell me where we were going. I had packed for warm weather (he had given me that much) and with passport in one hand and his hand in the other we headed on our way! It wasn’t until we checked our bags that I found out we were headed on a romantic getaway to the Mayan Riviera. After landing in Mexico we headed to our Hotel. It was amazing. Upon our arrival we were greeted with fresh juice as we checked in. The lobby itself was breath taking, and the grounds continued to amaze us for the entire week.  Be sure to check out our Honeymoon photos in our Gallery!

Occidental Grand Xcaret Lobby

Throughout our week in Mexico we enjoyed a lot of lounging at the pool, and eating some of the most amazing dishes ever created. It was unbelievable. There were actually more restaurants than we were able to eat at throughout our stay there.


More to come on our great adventure so stay tuned!!!


– Sarah Dreger

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Greetings From Prov

A special thanks to all who helped put together this great video. So many memories have been shared and this was a great reflection of the relationships what we have built over the years. To view the video click on the link below!

Sarah And Andrew May 21 2011 Wedding

Missing you all!


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LPC Ski Trip 2011

What an amazing view first thing in the morning!

Today is another one of those beautiful amazing days when you can’t help but be thankful for all God has created. Andrew and I are just about to finish off our ski trip with some of the senior high kids from Lone Prairie Camp, and it has been an amazing 3 days!

We had headed off Wednesday evening and the kids have spent the past day and a half skiing from the time the lifts open until the last run of the day! Since group leaders are required to be in the lodge for safety purposes, Andrew and I have been getting lots of work done, as we take in Gods creation that is all around us! It is hard to believe that after almost 4 years this is only my second trip to the mountains. But, Boy is it beautiful!  Yesterday we had the privledge of watching the sunset over the mountains as we drove back to Hinton, it was breathtaking.

This trip has been amazing, a great opportunity to connect with some really amazing kids. I almost don’t want it to end!

Wishing you all were here!!



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Ontario 3


Zeljka & Sarah February 2011

Family Day!

What a great day! Whoever decided that an entire day should be devoted towards family bonding was truly inspired!

After a busy weekend the McEacherns all slept in which is quite shocking. Some longer than others {Dad actually made it to 7am!}. As the day progressed we enjoyed a lovely brunch, reflected on the weekend, sorted through photos, Father Daughter dance lessons,  and just spent quality time together! Something that really hard to do with over 2000 miles between us.

Monday also was a great chance to connect with good friends. In the afternoon I had the chance to slip over to see theCoutilos new house! Zeljka (a friend from Elementry School and Highschool) and her husband Cedric moved into their new house just over a year ago and I FINALLY had the opportunity to see it! They have put alot of effort into making it home and it was great seeing it! We spent time catching up on eachothers lives and reflecting on the many memories we have shared! She even made amazing quasants! Oh Zeljka how I miss your cooking!

Allan and Paula Petrie

Later that evening the fellowship continued as the McEacherns , Cheryl Sedore, Brandon and Carrie were all invited over for a feast at the Petries home. My Auntie Paula is one of the most amazing cooks! It was so great to connect with them, celebrate eachothers lives, successes, and encourage each other in our future endevors! We also had quite the production as we filmed and produced a small greating that will be sent across the globe for a good friends birthday!

I find it amazing how distance has changed because of technology! It’s so great having the chance to connect with loved ones around the world! Happy Birthday Tristan! We Miss You!!!!

More updates to come soon!

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