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Our Story

Andrew & Sarah January 2011

How We Met:

August 2008 was an amazing experience. This being my first summer in Alberta I was very excited to find any opportunity to make it out to camp. Seeing that the Senior Pastor at my current church had recently resigned it made it very difficult to achieve. Luckily, I was able to make it work! So August 10th, I packed up my car and another van with youth and headed out to serve camp in any way we could. Upon our arrival we were welcomed with open arms as we began integrating into the staff. For many in Genesis (the youth group I was running at the time) this was their first time being on staff at camp. After unloading our bags into our cabins we were greeted by Andrew Dreger, from the leadership team! Dressed in his camp attire (including his ball of camp keys around his neck) he invited us to take a tour around Lone Prairie Camp which would prove to be very helpful during our stay there! Now many may not know this but Andrew loves to learn, and desires to learn about absolutely everything. One area that he really enjoys is Botany (the study of plants). The youth and I are still trying to figure out exactly why, but throughout the tour Andrew found it vital to teach us where all of the berries were around camp. For days the kids and I were lost, attempting to find archery and the secret garden … but it is one tour we have never forgotten! Since then, I must say it has come in very handy! This summer I am looking forward to making Saskatoon Berry Pies and I know just the man to help me find them!

Andrew & Sarah West Edmonton Mall 2009

Our First Date:

After many weeks of getting to know each other through night church, camp events, and meeting for coffee (or hot beverages as Andrew likes to call it), I went home for an early Christmas/wedding in Ontario.  It was a hard 2 weeks from both sides. Andrew was in the middle of another crazy semester as he attempted to complete his midterms while I was holding onto every hope that my best friend would make a full recovery. As the days passed we spent a great deal of time emailing back and forth, talking about how life was going and encouraging each other. Upon my return Andrew and I decided that we wanted to catch up!  November 8th, 2008 we met at The W hite Spot, which we have frequently returned to. That night we spent time talking and enjoying each other’s company. It wasn’t until the lights in the restaurant went out that we realized just how long we had actually been there and how lucky we were to have found each other. My parents often say that I am one lucky girl for finding someone who can out-talk me, let alone keep up!


Ontario Summer 2010

The entire evening was a surprise.  On July 28th 2010 Kristopher (Andrews brother) arranged to meet me at my apartment to go over some basic maintenance needs. I had spent 2 hours waiting for Kristopher to arrive when, to my surprise, Andrew arrived at my door instead. Seeing that it was the middle of the week it was rather odd that Andrew had the opportunity to be in the city throughout a week of summer camp.

Andrew is known for doing things in his own fashion and this was no exception! So he did things his way and made the night special by representing different portions of our life and telling our story backwards. This is how it started.

He took me to dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant to represent our time we will spend in missions. The food was amazing and it was a great time; one I won’t be forgetting any time soon!!! As we returned to the car I found a Finding Nemo stuffy on my chair. Normally this would be strange but for months we have had a running joke going about theme weddings and how ours would be a Finding Nemo theme. This image has haunted me for months but has been one of great entertainment at the same time.

As we left the restaurant we chatted about the summer and how excited we were about my parents coming and the chance they would have to meet his family.

Our next destination was a park with its own giant pond used for paddle boating. We walked for about an hour before finding our way onto a bridge where we settled in to watch the sunset. For the first time in weeks we just relaxed with nothing to distract us and we marveled in Gods creation! It was then that he explained that we were going backwards through our life but there was something missing. It was then that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yess!!!!! and we headed off for a break in our evening to tell our parents and family!!! We got home and were so excited to tell Lukas and Mattias, but to our surprise the house was empty so we called my family and then headed over to the Renz’s! Once we made the first few calls he told me the night wasn’t over so we went on a walk and sat to watch the stars which is something we had done  that first summer.  We also enjoyed eating an assortment of berries which went back to that special tour he had given my youth and I the first day we met!

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